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Do you want to make this Christmas the most memorable yet (for all the right reasons)? If so, then has the solution for you.You will find dozens of tried-and-tested recipes for Christmas dinner, lunch, desert and snack items. Many of these are timeless classics, while others represent riskier, more original creations. These recipes could help to transform any family Christmas get-together into a truly special occasion.


Vellayappam Recipe
Mustard Sauce Cucumber Salad
Grape Wine Pineapple Wine
Instant Lemon Wine Beetroot Wine
Gooseberry Wine White Wine
Grape Ginger Wine
Fried Ladies Finger Chicken Fry Watch 
Duck Roast Watch  Roast Duck Recipe Watch 
Meat Stew Chicken with Orange Raisin Sauce
Butter Chicken Meat Ball Curry Watch 
Meat Ball Curry Recipe Watch  Mutton Chops
Pork Vindaloo Watch  Lobster Fry
Pearl Spot Fry /Karimeen Varuthathu Crab Piralan
Lobster Stir Fry Prawn Fry
Desserts / Sweets
Milk Pudding Apple Caramel
Chocolate and Fruit Steamed Pudding Watch  Fruit Cake
Raisins Cherry Cake Sponge Cake Recipe
Yule Log Watch  Carrot Cake
Chocolate Cake Delicious Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cake Recipe
Rice & Noodles
Fried Rice Chicken Fried Rice
Christmas Rice
Hot And Sour Shrimp Soup Lamb Clear Soup
Lamb Head Soup Chicken Soup
Lamb Leg Soup Chicken Noodles Soup
Healthy Chicken Soup Healthy Crab Soup Watch 
Crab Soup
Cooked Banana In Coconut Milk Prawn Cutlet
Crab Cutlet Fish Cutlet