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Seema Gurnani
Seema Gurnani, -
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

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1. Online divorce in California ( Legal )

Online divorce is quick, easy and cheap in California and is legal.

2. 5 Places you must Visit on your South Karnataka Trip ( Tourism )

One of the best states for tourism in the country, Karnataka has a plethora of attractions to offer to you.

3. Exploring Paonta Sahib ( Tourism )

The small but sacred town of Paonta is snuggled in the tiny district of Sirmour, between the borders of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

4. Top 5 current Players with best ODI batting strike rates ( News and Blogs )

Here, we have a look at the top 5 current players who have the best ODI batting strike rates.

5. Changing the State of Digital Marketing Education ( Computers )

The digital advertising market is set to grow to at 19,000 Crore in India, in spite of experts thinking that digital marketing is still in its infancy.

6. How To Reduce Air Conditioner power Consumption ( Electronics )

Here are some important but easy-to-follow maintenance tips which can enhance the efficiency of your AC without burning your pockets with higher power consumption.

7. Why Should You Pay Your Credit Card Bills Before Due Date? ( Finance )

Paying your bills before time not only improves your credit rating but also lets you save on interest etc

8. Rupin Pass Trek: The Crossover Trek That Will Leave You Amazed ( Tourism )

Most of the parts of the Himalayas have unparalleled beauty, some of the trails are so mesmerizing that they leave you speechless.

9. AWS Certified Solutions Architect and Other AWS Certifications you Need to Know About ( Computers )

About Amazon Web Services,one of the most popular and efficient cloud-based services. & its certification.

10. 10 Advantages of Using A Real-Time Attendance Management System ( Computers )

Time attendance software makes it extremely easy for the HR department or the managers to track the time of their employees.

11. Akshay Girme a high school dropout ruling digital world ( Promotional Features )

"AD MEDIA PUNE" is a company that is contributing to the growth of Marathi Cinema.

12. Journey of fashion everyday, the one stop destination for all your fashion problems ( Promotional Features )

Fashion Everyday keeps you updated with popular styling ideas and trendy outfits.

13. Journey Of Two Youngsters From Dropping Out Of College To Owning A Successful Startup ( Promotional Features )

The journey of a successful startup 'No one cares' - Nikhil Kale and Satyam Shastri

14. 5 Things to indulge in while in Georgia ( Tourism )

From majestic mansions to picturesque beaches, Georgia does have a bit of something to offer to everyone.

15. Online divorce in Texas ( Legal )

Divorce is rarely simple, it is a complicated bureaucratic procedure.

16. Investing in ETH v. BTC for the Future ( Block Chain Technology )

Currently the cryptocurrency trade has numerous stumbling blocks and hurdles that include governments, banking institutions and the limited oversight on its trade.

17. Weight Loss Tests you need to do Today ( Health )

Take these tests mentioned in the article to find out the reason that is actually hindering your weight loss process.

18. The Only App you will need in 2019 ( Computers )

Regardless of the brand and build quality, it is the apps that bring smartphones to life.

19. 5 best beaches in Goa to lose yourself completely ( Tourism )

Here is a list of 5 best beaches of Goa to lose yourself completely.

20. All the tips and tricks of home decor that you need to know ( Arts,Crafts & Culture )

If you are someone who just bought a home or is planning to decorate their home from scratch, you have come to the right page.

21. Top 5 online pharmacies in India ( Health )

Here are some of the popular ones available online pharmacies with the promise of credibility.

22. 3 reasons why cryptocurrency exchanges should be safe ( Block Chain Technology )

As cryptocurrencies are decentralised eliminating the rule of Governments and institutions they are considered more reliable and trust-worthy.

23. 20 medical problems in young adults ( Health )

Lifestyle choices, stress, food habits and general quality of the air we breathe is not ideal leading to an increase in ailments even among young adults.

24. Why should you buy gold pendants and earrings? ( Fashion and Beauty )

Pendants are cool and there are lots of amazing designs to choose from.

25. Why Life Insurance is Must for a Single Mom? ( Finance )

Choose the term insurance plan so that your dependents can lead a secured life even during your absence. Tips to choose the best..

26. Get High Returns with These 7 Best Options for Investment in India ( Finance )

Investing is like digging a mine for emergency and taking the money out whenever you are in need. Here are 7 Best Options for Investment in India

27. Grammarly- A Tool Worthwhile for Writers ( Computers )

Grammarly, a tool for writers is helpful in finding out the detection and correction of errors.

28. Things that are must Experience in Rajasthan ( Tourism )

There is so much to do in Rajasthan that tourists may run out of days but they are never going to run out of places or experiences here.

29. Critical Illness Plan: Is it Waste of Money or a Financial Shield in Medical Emergency? ( Finance )

Insurance experts recommend buying a health insurance plan that covers critical illnesses.

30. Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe ( Tourism )

Here is a list of some of the most trending travel destinations in Europe that will help you figure out which destinations to visit.

31. 9 Tips to Avoid Personal Loan and Credit Card Application Rejection ( Finance )

9 lesser-known facts that can help you avoid the pile of rejected personal loan applications while improving your odds of success.

32. App-Based Car Rentals for Convenience, Comfort and Security ( Tourism )

One should be able to travel in peace and comfort, whether it is a daily office commute or a trip to the club on a Saturday night. Here's how

33. Is infertility always a woman’s problem? ( Health )

One of the most common misconception is that infertility is always due to a women’s problem, but in reality, 60% of the infertility problems are due to male infertility factors.

34. 4 Must Visit Places Present in Ras Al Khaimah ( Tourism )

A holiday at Ras al Khaimah is never complete without a desert safari or a ride by its beautiful coastline. So, here are some places that one should visit in the area.

35. 5 Things you need to know while traveling to Russia ( Tourism )

No matter which corner of Russia you are heading to, here are the 5 things you need to know for an enriching and trouble-free experience in the land of vodka and vibrant scenery.

36. Top 6 Insurance Companies Offering Online Life Insurance in India ( Finance )

Online is the best way to buy insurance policies as there is no need to visit the office of the service provider.

37. Visit Leh to feel paradise on earth ( Tourism )

The best part about visiting Leh is to feel the drastic transformation from green mountains to mountain peaks that shines in the sunlight.

38. Top Reasons to visit Kerala, God's own country ( Tourism )

Kerala is locked between sea and the lovely Western Ghats. It is a beautiful sight to enjoy the hills meeting the sea.

39. Top Reasons to visit Sikkim, the undiscovered gem ( Tourism )

Waking up to sights of snow glazed mountain peaks that shimmers in the sight of early morning sun? Experience this and more when you visit Sikkim.

40. Planning a Perfect Birthday Surprise ( Promotional Features )

If you have a coming birthday in your family or in friends’ group, it definitely calls for a birthday surprise party. 6 super ideas to plan a perfect birthday.

41. New age programming languages for Big Data ( Computers )

When we started processing binary data with the first computers we had no idea that this a beginning of a new revolution in the way we process data.

42. Things to consider while buying a house property ( Finance )

Budget, location and future appreciation value of the property are all important aspects one should look out for when buying a property.

43. IPO Investment and Its Impact On Investors Portfolio ( Finance )

If you are a beginner in the field, then reading this article can provide you the real insight about the notion of investment in IPOs (Initial Public Offers) over the regular stocks.

44. Top 10 Content Drafting Tips for Beginners to Follow in 2018 ( Computers )

The success of E-commerce industry gave birth to a number of new professions for people to work online and earn; One of the most significant being content drafting or content creation.

45. Best Foods to dehydrate, for Snacks that you and your kids will love ( Food )

About a dehydrator machine, what it is used for, various kinds of dehydrator machines & how to make one at home.

46. Unique and less known places to visit in Thailand on your next trip ( Tourism )

Just a handful of places that are less known and unique in Thailand.

47. How to Identify Fake ICOs? ( Block Chain Technology )

A look at some pointers which should clearly raise a ‘red flag’, hinting that the ICO you are looking at is probably fake!

48. India’s Central Banking Authority, RBI, Instructs Banks To Stop Providing Their Service To Those Trading Cryptos ( News and Blogs )

The Reserve Bank of India has now issued a directive to all banks stating that they must no longer provide their services to those individuals or organizations which are involved in the cryptocurrency trade.

49. Top 10 Cool Things You Can Do on PS4 in 2018 ( Computers )

Got your new PS4? Welcome to the tribe because when you buy it, you are buying a set-top box that can do a lot more than playing video games by.