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All the tips and tricks of home decor that you need to know

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If you are someone who just bought a home or is planning to decorate their home from scratch, you have come to the right page. We are here to help you with your home decor. Often people assign the work of home decor to the best interior designers, and while they do a great job being professionals, in this time and age of DIY, you should definitely attempt to decorate your home by yourself.

While home decor can be a tricky and overwhelming task, we have broken it down in pieces for your understanding. First thing first, why does one consider decorating their homes? Basically there are two purposes for home decor, first is to improve the look of your apartment or office and the second reason is to maximize space. If you're reading this article, you must fall in either of these categories and so let's break the code with simple home decor ideas.

A) Home decor to improve the look of your space

1) Paint it up! : What is the first thing you see when you enter an apartment? The answer is likely to be walls. Walls make a primary impact on the visitor's mind and therefore it is important to emphasize the pain you use. Paints are extremely inexpensive, and it makes a vivid impression. Whether you need to tone down a colour or add a bold colour to liven up your space, paint on your walls are a great way to change the overall feel of a room.

2) Moulding the walls: Gone are the days when people used to have plain coloured walls, give your home a Victorian style by adding moulding to the baseboard, chair rail or ceiling. It looks really elegant yet not overdone.

3) Hang on by the art: Be it a painting by a famous painter, a family photograph or a signature painting you made, framed works can make a four-wall apartment feel like a home. When doing the wall paintings, go by the 'less is more' rule. Remember you don't have to hang artwork on every empty wall.

4) Be playful: Trick the visitorís eyes with some sneaky smart mirror placements. Mirror illusions can make the eye believe that the place is bigger than it actually is. It makes the room look spacious.

5) Invest in statement pieces: Home decor is all about statements. A centrepiece, chandelier, or a stand-out rug has the capacity to upgrade a home's sense of luxury.

B) Home decor to maximize space: We all have faced the troubles of fitting it all in even though there is not enough space for all the things. If you be smart while buying your furniture and home decor, you won't face this problem.

1) Use the vertical space: While people tend to do well with the horizontal space, they often overlook all the vertical space that is being wasted. A great way to bring the vertical space in use is to stack up to the furniture. Instead of buying a cabinet that occupies a huge carpet area, buy a tall, slim cabinet hence using the vertical space.

2) Use storage beds and sofas: These can be a lifesaver for those who clean their home in the last minute before a party or something important. Stack up all your clutter inside the sofa or bed boxes, and no one will ever know! This can be brilliantly used to store lightweight things like mattresses and pillows as well.

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