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Changing the State of Digital Marketing Education

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The digital advertising market is set to grow to ₹ 19,000 Crore in India, in spite of experts thinking that digital marketing is still in its infancy. With such a huge market and extreme job generation, there has been a rapid spread of education pertaining to this field. However, not all education imparted is laced with wisdom. Most digital marketing courses in India, unfortunately, focus more on helping students gain certificates rather than knowledge, a gap which starts to show once the student enters the workforce. As a result, India’s youth enters a group of unskilled employees sluggishly moving along in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. Knowing that this is a devastating state of affairs, Arbab Usmani decided to take some action.

Hailing from a small town called Muzaffarpur in Bihar, Arbab Usmani entered the world of digital marketing when he scored his first job at Backdrop Source at chennai. From there, he moved onto Foreseegame, a company that created quizzes and brought brand knowledge to consumers. After single-handedly creating his own team to work on the project, within 3 years, Arbab increased their OTP verified subscribers from 48,000 to 1.4 million subscribers – topping the work done by his predecessor, a global advertising media giant. After that, Arbab was responsible for creating the first team for Sasta Sundar (a company now primed to receive a 100 Crore funding) and implemented content marketing strategies to drive their sales. At that time, this was a revolutionary move as startups would not set aside dedicated resources and budget for content marketing efforts and there was less awareness about content marketing in the Indian industry." After driving their sales, he realized that it was time to chase a new challenge.

He moved to Delhi in 2016, with no job but a trunk filled with confidence. He received 8 job offers from a range of leading start-ups and picked a job within the renting space, where he vastly improved the company’s performance. While moving from challenge to challenge, he realized that he was good at teaching his team, which ultimately led to the great performances that he is credited with today, he formed a company along with Abhishek Kumar Gupta, a very well known community builder in India.

On speaking to Arbab, he credits his hunger as the main reason for his success.

“At every point in my career, whether I was struggling or feeling like I am succeeding, I have always kept one thing to the fore – my hunger. My desire to always learn more, be more, and do more is what helped me go from challenge to challenge. Even today, I tell my students that it is not about the job or company that you are working at. It is about feeling challenged and motivated to learn more. This is one of the most important values that I impart to them – just keep learning.” Said Arbab.

Having worked in the industry for many years, Arbab came across many young professionals who, in spite of finding inspiring challenges in their job, were not able to meet them head-on. A huge factor contributing to this were the gaps in their digital marketing training. As most courses bring an ROI-focused mentality to the table, their students cannot see beyond the simple act of getting a job. They do not stay in touch with the creative side of problem-solving or retain the desire to learn and grow. As a result, management positions in the country are now filled with people who do not understand the newer innovations in the field.

It was these issues that inspired Arbab to start UppSkill, a digital marketing institute that focuses more on knowledge than ROI. Their vision is to skill India’s youth in a way that teaches them to map out career arcs, instead of single job growths. Through courses designed to understand the intricacies of digital marketing, Arbab offers these young marketers the tools they need to continually grow and improve their skills. This is, what he refers to as, “real and beneficial learning”.

“My students still call me to discuss new innovations in the field as they do not want to stop learning. As a teacher, I consider the importance of learning to be the greatest thing I have taught them – not the industry related information because the industry will always change. It will always grow. But learning has to be the constant in your life.” Says Arbab.

Uppskill offers a comprehensive education in digital marketing, with its base in Noida. The team, led by Arbab Usmani and Abhishek Kumar Gupta, places a strong emphasis on creating structures that help the student learn about the entire scope of Digital Marketing, instead of simply focusing on individual aspects. The institute is already planning to spread the seeds of knowledge pan-India, with. These courses are offered within an offline space, as Arbab firmly believes that online can always complement the offline engine but can't replace it. After all, in training of skills like digital marketing the human factor is irreplaceable. He aims to teach his students how to work together in a team, which he knows cannot happen when students are learning through their computers. He believes in the value of creating a community, and this is what drives Uppskill.

UppSkill aims to bridge the gap between the skills a fresher has and the skills that are required to do their jobs correctly. Moreover, their larger vision lies in the fact that they want to change the ecosystem of learning and skill-based education in India, keeping in line with Arbab’s firm belief that the country can only move forward if the citizens are ready to learn and grow constantly.

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   Anuratti , Delhi
Posted On : 9.5.2019

Very well written about Arbab Usmani sir! He truly is very motivational and inspiring.

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