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Unique and less known places to visit in Thailand on your next trip

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In today’s date, Thailand outstands all the major tourist destinations. In the past few years, Thailand has become one of the most visited and loved holiday gateways in the entire world, and the reasons are obvious. Thailand is that one country where diversity prevails and flows in the very air. Not only in the term of culture, but the diversity prevails in the landscapes, the food, the people, the architecture and what not. So, if Thailand has been able to allure and you are planning your trip to Thailand anytime near, make sure to explore the best Thailand rentals have the best holiday experience.

Thailand has turned out to be one of the most popular tourist destinations, but tourists often get to know the places that are common. Thailand is more than about exploring these common places. There is a big list of places that have still not explored by many and only a few get the chance to discover them.

If you are someone who does not like following the stereotype and want to see something unique in Thailand, then the list has got you covered.

Sam Phan Bok
Other than Chiang Mai, there is another grand canyon located in the province of Ubon Ratchathani. What makes it different from the canyon of Chiang Mai is that it is naturally formed in the different and unique land formations. There is also a little river with pools of water that adds up to its beauty. The name of the place “Sam Phan Bok” translates to 3000 holes. All the holes seem like an ice cream scoop like structure. Different basins, holes, and what not fills the void as far as the river expands. The calmness and unique landscape of the place has made it an ideal spot for many photographers. The best time to visit this place is in between December to June because of the dry season and when the river level is low.

Koh Hingham
Well, this place might interest those who like visiting places that are famous for no so good reason. Koh Hingham is one place in Thailand that has its association with a mythology story. It has been made up of black pebbles and rumor has it that the beach is under the protection of the God Tarutao. The God is believed to curse anyone who tries to take even one pebble from the island. It has also been said that every year the National Park office receives back the stones (in dozens) via mail from those who might have taken it with them and want to get rid of the stone. So, if the entire thing interests you, you can visit this place, but take the pebble at your own risk.

Nong Han
Another fascinating and less known place in Thailand includes Nong Han Lake. The lake is located in Udon Thani and yes, this place has something very unique to offer to its visitors. Every year in January, the lake gets covered with thousands of water lilies and pink and red lotus flower. The view stretches as far as your eyes can reach. The best time to witness this amazing natural amalgamation is anything from the beginning of December to the last of February. Due to this unique view, the place has become popular amongst the couples precisely during the Valentine’s Day. If you want to witness its true beauty, then try visiting the place in broad daylight.

To add on to your interest, you can even take the boat ride around the lake.

Erawan Waterfalls
Located in the province of Kanchanaburi, Erawan National Park is popular amongst locals. Though the park is beautiful entirely, Erawan waterfall is of extra importance and there is a reason of course. The waterfall is made up of seven layers and tiers. Apart from this, the emerald green pond is of more importance. It is named after three-headed elephant that is one mythological creature from Hindu Mythology. The topmost layer of the waterfall said to be the resemblance of the elephant’s head. Each of the tiers starts off with the flat until it reached the next waterfall. There is enough area in each layer where you can swim. Apart from the fun activities, the waterfall is also a treat to eyes. One who likes being around nature must visit this place.

Pha Chor
Right to the Mae Wong National Park located in Chaing Mai, there is one extraordinary but treats to sight formation and it is Pha Chor. The formation is the results of the natural phenomenon that was caused by the outcome of wind, rain, and erosion. Geologists have claimed that this formation must have taken place thousands of years ago and the area once was the part of Ping River before the formation took place. The formation has taken shape of high cliffs and hills. Now there is a staircase that helps people exploring the places and climbing the near areas.

These are just a handful of places that are less known and unique in Thailand. Not many know them and not have written about them, but if you want to visit them, you can easily get the available transportation. These places hold a story in themselves and worth visiting if you are meant for stereotypical.

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