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Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe

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Planning a tour to Europe and in the dilemma of where to go and what to visit? If so, here is a list of some of the most trending travel destinations in Europe that will help you figure out which destinations to visit.

Being one of the world’s largest tourist hubs, and for good reason, many people are going on a vacation in Europe. While there are many destinations worth visiting in Europe, some are more stellar than others. We therefore recommend you to plan carefully and pay a visit to the destinations that suit your taste, budget and travel style.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 travel destinations in Europe:

Wroclaw – Poland

Popularly known as the “Polish Venice”, Wroclaw seduces you with its incredible charm and waterways. The city is surrounded by canals and more than 120 bridges link to twelve different and wonderful islands.

Interestingly, Wroclaw is dotted with emblematic dwarves. There is around 350 in the city and they are all different. From fine architecture to markets, gardens and old restaurants, Wroclaw is definitely a must-visit.

Colmar – France

Colmar is a charming city with a number of interesting attractions and picturesque views. According to people with travel insights and goals, Colmar is one of the most desired destinations in 2018.

The city has plenty of fine architecture, museums and work of art from the 12th and 16th century. Another reason to visit Colmar is the fact that the statue of Liberty’s creator was born here, and also an indication of that the city’s architecture is definitely worth a closer look.

Bilbao – Spain

The atmosphere in Bilbao makes it an amazing destination for travelers. This city attracts travelers who like strolling through nice local streets while enjoying pleasant and warm weather.
The city is surrounded by charming medieval towns, museums and the Basque coast, which is a must-visit if you are in the city.

Riga – Latvia

Riga, the capital of Latvia will dazzle you with its incredible beauty and has been a crossroad of different cultures. Riga is the dream destination for the green and blue lovers.

It is connected to nature, forest and water. It has beautiful islands, hills, beaches and stunning architecture too. The city is a treat to the eyes of nature lovers. Riga is considered to be a centre for many new trends in Europe.

Hvar Island – Croatia

Hvar is probably the most beautiful island in Europe. Combining crystal-clear waters, quality of life, sun, sumptuous landscapes, gastronomy and cultural heritage, it is surely an eye-candy to all tourists.

Overall, with all of its beauty, it is a dream destination for many travelers.

Athens – Greece

It is one of the best destinations in Europe, a dream of all travelers. Athens is a historic city and is the cradle of European philosophy.

The city is steeped in history and is also focused on modernity and tomorrow’s culture. Travelers will definitely love the city for its architecture, monuments, gastronomy, nightlife and trendy lifestyle.

Milan – Italy

This city needs no introduction!! Milan has its symbols and the Duomo with an amazing view of the whole city. Travelers can shop at Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery, have a picnic at the beautiful parks in Milan or can admire Da Vinci’s Last Supper at Santa Maria Delle Grazie church.

Stroll around, discover incredible art and admire the city of architecture.

Lisbon – Portugal

Portugal attracts a number of travelers as it is dotted with incredible cities, dazzling architecture, sublime landscapes, sumptuous monuments, medieval villages, palaces, castles, beaches and other amazing things to discover.

Lisbon, a city of soul, has to be discovered on foot or by electrico. It is a popular destination in Europe amongst travelers. A city loved and adored by all.

Budapest – Hungary

Budapest is an ideal destination for youngsters and backpackers, and also for those who love history, culture, museums and nightlife. This destination inspires directors, designers, and musicians around the world.

It is another beautiful city in Europe with famous popular monuments like Buda Castle, the China Bridge, Margaret Island, and its parliament.

Bohinj – Slovenia

Bohinj, another popular destination in Europe, brings nature, forest, lakes, outdoor activities, authenticity and refreshes its visitors, disconnecting them from the techy world.

Tourists here can enjoy ever-changing landscapes, quietness of nature, an international festival of Wildflowers, the Savica waterfall, the Julian Alps and more. A beautiful nest for all those in love with nature.

Paris, Vienna, Prague, and Amsterdam are a few other great destinations in Eurpe. The list is never-ending as Europe is truly amazing and, as mentioned, one of the largest tourists hubs in the world.

If you’re in doubt how to travel Europe, touring companies can help you plan your visit in an organized way so that you don’t face hassle at any destination or face any difficulty in finding accommodations and guides.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your plan together and get ready to be amazed by Europe.

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