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5 Things you need to know while traveling to Russia

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Every country has different norms. Whenever you travel to a foreign country, a new world of cuisine, clothes, and culture awaits you and so the rules on the road, religious places, or government offices. Russia, a country well-known for its art, picturesque landscapes, and colorful parades fascinate every traveler’s heart, but there are few things that one must keep in mind while traveling to Russia. So, no matter what corner of Russia you are heading to, here are the 5 things you need to know for an enriching and trouble-free experience in the land of vodka and vibrant scenery.

The Russian Transportation System

You would wonder to know that roads are the least-used transportation medium in Russia. The Russian transportation system is very well-maintained and there is an excellent web of airway, railways, metro, and trams. The major cities like Moscow and St Petersburg have an underground transportation system. Therefore, using the public transport is the best way to get around Russia. The problem most travelers face is with the language as most of the announcements and signs are available in Russian. So, make sure that you have a translation app or a gather useful information from the sites like TripHobo to make the travel easier.

The Russian Currency

Russia is on the way to accept the cashless economy, but it will surely take a long time. So, while you are traveling to Russia, make sure that you have exchanged your local currency to Russian rubles. You can use your cards for booking the hotel or at the restaurants, but for small businesses, you will need some cash. Besides, tipping is a common thing in Russian restaurants and you would like to offer some cash here. Since you will be visiting Russia as a foreigner, it is quite likely that you will have to pay higher prices. So, keep enough cash in your hands.

The Itinerary for Russia

Unless you are in Russia for a really long duration, you cannot cover the vast expanse of Russian landscapes. You will have to choose the best vacation planner and see what are the places that you can include in the itinerary according to your vacation period. You must also remember that not all the museums and palaces are open for the visitors and to get the tickets of some could be a herculean task. Moscow or Samara, whichever place you are planning to visit, check the timings of your favorite attractions before including them in the itinerary.

The Russian Customs

Although Russian traditions are not rigid, and you will feel a relaxed atmosphere everywhere, you must learn to respect the local customs and etiquettes if you are visiting the government offices, churches, and local homes. For example, it is a custom to offer a small gift to the host and while visiting an Orthodox church, women are required to cover their heads and men should wear long trousers. Also, Russians expect a somber tone in the voice. So, make sure you talk to everyone politely.

The Russian Food

Russia is often called the “land of Vodka”, and Russian are quite attached to their Vodka as well. Vodka is to be taken in shots and not to sip. You can order some snacks with it, but never mix it with another drink. Apart from vodka, you can also taste kvass or kissel- the local varieties of drinks. You will find international restaurants in Russia, but it would be fun to taste the local delicacies like pelmeni, blinis, or caviar. Most of the restaurants in Russia have an English-speaking staff to help you select the dish of your choice.

In addition to all the things mentioned above, it is also important that you carry a really good bag full of warm clothes and footwear so that the weather doesn’t create a hurdle to your Russian trip.

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