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Things to consider while buying a house property

  By : , Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India       21.5.2018         Mail Now

There are many things that are kept in mind when buying a property, after deciding on buying a house, one has to consider the house, location, style, neighborhood, future property appreciation and budget. But when you are in this process, what aspect do you give or what is your most needed? Three aspects: Budget, location and future appreciation value of the property are all important; Indiabulls home loan has made a survey to understand that the top priority is the top priority for Indian homeowners. 

- When selecting a project during the purchase of a house on which basis, most people give 51% opinion that while selecting a property the budget is the criteria for them, on the other hand, the location and future appreciation value is approximately 24 % And 25% of votes get; Like this, It has been shown that during the purchase of an asset, both are part of equally important buying a house is one of the most important financial investments that ever makes; Therefore, it is advisable to do proper market research and survey before finalizing anything.

- COMPLETION OR OCCUPANCY CERTIFICATE.: Many times, builders make more houses or floors than the building houses and then sell them to the people. In such a situation, you must ask the builder to apply compliance or occupancy certificate before buying a house

- BANK FINANCE: WHICH BANKS ARE FINANCING THIS PROPERTY: Before taking any home, first of all, know which banks are financing for it, if it is DHFL bank home loan then get the information related to projects from banks, this increases the credibility of the project. Because the bank has already taken the information of all the documents before financing it.

- DOWN PAYMENT: To understand what type of loan is looking for, you should consider down payment. In conventional mortgages, you will provide payment below twenty percent or more of the house price. Twenty percent is a magical numberbecause for most lenders it is the amount of equity that you cannot pay for PMI or private mortgage insurance.

When you cannot put down twenty percent, the lender is generally expected that you also pay PMI premium, which can be anywhere from $ 20 per month to a few hundred dollars, make a purchase for a mortgage Keep this in mind and ask if there are options to pay PMI if you will not be able to come up with full payment.

Wherever you are going to buy the house, consider the needs of water supply, electricity supply and gas. Finalize any home only after getting information about them.

Before buying a house, complete the investigation of the parking facility, if you do not have a car, you should also take care of the parking space, so that in the future, when you have a car, you will not have trouble with the place to park it. There is often a dispute between the parking spaces in housing societies, and many cases have reached the court. Therefore, do not move this small-looking subject lightly.

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