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Top 10 Cool Things You Can Do on PS4 in 2018

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Got your new PS4? Welcome to the tribe because when you buy it, you are buying a set-top box that can do a lot more than playing video games.

It has a huge array of tweaks you can make to ensure that everything is just made as per your choice. It also has plenty of ways to watch movies and TV shows too. With this, you can also stream your favourite cable channels over the internet by using play station vue or watch TV shows and movies from Amazon Prime and Netflix. It also has access to the lot of free PSN codes that are already ready to use.

Therefore, no matter which version of the PS4 you have, you have got yourself a fantastic bit of gaming hardware.

Below is the list of top 10 practical tips and hidden features to try on your PlayStation:

1. Stream PS4 Games to your PC Mac or

If you are a TV hog, donít worry about negotiating your play time because with this you can easily stream games directly from your PS4 to any of your Mac or Windows PC.

2. Get a friend usingshare play

This feature keeps you social without forcing you to leave home.It links you and a friend's PS4. You can watch each other play a game or jump in and play a game with them which normally requires both of you be on the same system.

3. Get immersed in the amazing world of VR

VR is without a doubt one of the most exciting fields in the gaming world of PS4. While not quite on the same level as industry brand leaders, the PlayStation VR headset is still a brilliant addition to the market.

4. Log in with facial recognition

As you have guessed, you will first need a PS4 camera. Once you got it attached to your console, simply go into your settings. After that, you have to navigate down to face recognition and just enable it.

5. Type faster with motion control

Tired of typing emails and passwords on a PS4? There are a couple ways to ease your frustration. When the PS4 keyboard comes onscreen, just press down on the right control stick to turn on motion control.

6. Turn on TV with your PS4

It's a pretty nifty little feature as it requires a bit of fiddling in the settings menus.†Most TVs will support the feature. Basically, it tethers your TV and PS4 together and slaves actions such as powering on between both devices.

7. Save Power

With increased awareness on energy savings, more and more devices are being made with power saving mode and PS4 is no exception, and hence it is packed with features that will serve to lessen your electricity bill.

8. Manage your friends

If you have huge gang of gamers you chat and play with, you can simplify the process of making a chat party by creating a unique friend list. For this, just go to the friend tab and click on add favourite group. Now add your friends.

9. Easily switch between your apps and games

If you want to easily manage your various applications on the PS4, just double tap of the PS button will quickly switch between the two most recent apps and makes you a multitasker.

10. Save your games to the Cloud

Last but not the least is that you can always save your game to the cloud. For this, just go to settings, application saved data management and make sure it is all set to upload your saves to the cloud. It will add value your progress.

So, it takes a bit to get used to these features but, once you have mastered it, PS4 will be the coolest device for you to use in 2018.

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