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AWS Certified Solutions Architect and Other AWS Certifications you Need to Know About

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With the world rapidly moving towards being completely digital, cloud-based services have gained great popularity. Today, most of the businesses and organizations are trying to leverage the cloud for various internal and external processes. In fact, the public cloud market is expected to reach more than $235 billion by 2020. One of the most popular and efficient cloud-based services is AWS.

Amazon Web Services or AWS, as it is commonly known, is a part of Amazon. It is cloud-based storage, computing, and networking service that provides businesses and organizations an opportunity to use the cloud as a platform to perform various tasks. AWS also provides analytics and database services, developer tools, applications, and many more.

It is by far one of the most dominant platforms in the on-demand cloud computing industry. Organizations, like Netflix, McDonald’s, Expedia, Comcast, Kellogg’s, and various others rely on AWS for their businesses to grow. This has created various opportunities for AWS professionals and people looking to start their career in the cloud computing industry. The best way of leveraging this increasing need for AWS developers, support engineers, data analyzers, and others is to get a certification in AWS.

At present, you can opt for one foundation certification course along with three associate and two professional certifications that are divided into five categories, including:

Architecting - As the name suggests these certifications are for professionals who want to design and set up distributed systems on the AWS platform. If you want to start your career with AWS architecting, you can opt for AWS Certified Solutions Architect associate certification and then can move up to the professional certification.

Developing - These certifications are for the people looking to develop applications on AWS. If you want to be an AWS developer, you can start with the entry-level certification - AWS Certified Developer - Associate. After completion of the associate certification, you can go for AWS Certification DevOps Engineer - Professional.

Operations - These certifications are for the people who wish to support AWS architecture and development. If you want to get into AWS architecture and development support, you can opt for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional.

Cloud - These certificates are for the people who wish to focus on AWS cloud technologies, security, and concepts. To get into this, you can opt for AWS specialty certifications.

Specialties - These certifications focus on the skills that are required and related to specific technologies, like big data, networking, and security.

There you go, these are the various AWS certifications that you can opt for if you want to start your career in the AWS cloud industry. With the recent surge in the businesses and organizations trying to leverage the cloud for various services, AWS is certainly one platform that is set to take up the world by storm in the years to come. This has led to the creation of various job opportunities for AWS professionals, and having a certification in AWS is the best way for people who seek to get into the AWS cloud industry.

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