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10 Advantages of Using A Real-Time Attendance Management System

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Having an online attendance of your employees can be a great lifesaver if you are running a business? Time attendance software makes it extremely easy for the HR department or the managers to track the time of their employees. Hence, they can streamline the appraisal process and even process the salaries without any delay. In fact, there are many advantages to using a real-time attendance management system.

Here are the top 10 advantages of using an attendance tracking system that will take your company a long way!


When there is a real-time attendance tracking, you can be completely assured of its accuracy. There is no manual entering of data, so you donít have to spend time double-checking it to ensure its accuracy.


When you use HR and payroll software, you can be prompt in answering employee queries regarding their leaves and processing of payments. As opposed to manually entering the data, online attendance management makes the HR department very prompt.

Maintains Records

An attendance tracking system is perfect for maintaining records so even if you want to pull out a record of an employee for the previous year, you can do so with a simple click.


Once you invest in a Human Resource Management System, you can be assured to save up a lot of money by eliminating the scope for errors and by automating most of your HR processes.


The efficiency of your firm will increase by several times just by having a GPS-based attendance system. It will also make it easier for the employees to file their attendance as well as reimbursements.

Integration of Various Systems

An attendance management system successfully integrates many other systems into one. For example, leave management, reimbursement management, payroll, etc. can be managed easily under one system.

Gives Flexibility to Employees

Real-Time attendance management also offers great flexibility to the employees because they can manage their leaves and time easily through the software. Moreover, it also helps in increasing their motivation because every hour that they put in counts with an automated system. They donít have to rely upon their managers to see them work. Hence, the overall productivity of the employees also improves with such a system.

Visibility of Every Action

Employees get more visibility and recognition when there is an automated attendance tracking system. The managers have direct access to all the records of each and every employee so nothing can be hidden. If someone consistently takes too many leaves or comes late often, his/her actions are also recorded, and this kind of information comes handy at the time of appraisal.

Real-time Tracking

One of the most interesting and highlighted features of this system is the real-time tracking. This ensures that the overall productivity of the employees is boosted and also helps in streamlining the everyday operations of a business. It also makes it much simpler to run day-to-day operations.


Automation is another significant benefit of using HRMS because it ensures that the scope for error is minimized and, in some cases, it is eliminated. Automation also makes the process more efficient and ensures that the HR department does not have to spend time on menial tasks like data entry.

Final Words
To sum up, these are only ten advantages of real-time attendance management. However, there are undoubtedly many more benefits if you use it for your firm. Considering the points mentioned above, it can definitely help your business grow and flourish in the market while ensuring your employee productivity and satisfaction.

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