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Grammarly- A Tool Worthwhile for Writers

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One of the best tools that are available especially for writers is Grammarly. Compared to its competitors, it is not slow or buggy and it also catches more errors and is known to offer good suggestions for fixing the same. This particular tool is helpful, especially if one has a pretty good handle on punctuations and grammar already and also has an idea about what they are doing. This tool is not recommended for those who are learners of the English language, writing novices or students. It is one of those useful tools that are helpful in finding out the technical errors. However, the program does struggle with giving a significant feedback about the overall content. In this latest Grammarly review, you can find out further details about the tool.

Advantages of using Grammarly

Some of the main advantages of using Grammarly by a person include:

One of the most essential benefits of utilizing Grammarly as a writing tool is the fact that it works better than various other Grammar checkers that have been tested.

One can also get a premium version of the tool. However, it is a paid version but it is known to have a lot of extra features that are not there in the non-premium version.


After many of the writers have used this tool, they found out that the software is pretty efficient in finding out coma errors with ease. This is one of the most common mistakes that are made by writers. Grammarly also outperforms Microsoft Word in the detection and correction of errors. Even though this might not be something difficult to do, however, it makes it worth the investment, if one is concerned about missing out details in their writing.

This particular tool has a free version which is extremely useful. However, the service urges its users to upgrade and also does constantly remind the user about all of the features that they are missing out on. Even though the free version does help in correcting a few basic errors, it also does hint that there might be something more wrong with the work while one is utilizing it. This is why it is not recommended to install this program unless one decides to upgrade it to the premium version.

Once the user has signed up for the free version, Grammarly starts sending out emails for different discounts on the Premium plan. It is recommended that one waits for all of this before, upgrading to the full price option. You can find a number of Grammarly discount website on the net.

Editing and Feedback

When a person composes a large document, they need to enable a session in order to get a feedback from Grammarly. One can then scroll through the document in order to fix errors. In cases where any error confuses you, the system does help by providing a short explanation for all of its suggestion. While this may be helpful for someone who is well-versed in punctuation and grammar, these are not quite the learning tools. They are known to function more as a reminder.

When the user purchases the premium version, they are known to get a weekly status update that lets them know how they are doing. The update also tells you how many words the program has actually checked along with the details of all the top errors that were made.

With this particular tool, it is best to wait until one finishes composing before checking for errors. Even though it might be better at checking all of your work as one goes through than any other program, there exists a lag in its ability to register when the user is trying to fix typos on their own. As such, the user might want to wait to click on the review rather than simply trying to edit within the text box or the digital document.

Ease of Use

Grammarly is known to work on Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. One of the main factors that help in making Grammarly one of the main choices as an online grammar checker is the fact of how easy it is to use on the various web application and even on Microsoft word.

To conclude, one can state that Grammarly is one of the most useful tools that are available out there for all the writers to help writing better content. The premium version is the one that the user should look out for if they are extremely serious about making no errors in their content.

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