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Online divorce in California

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Most couples don't plan on getting divorced. Maybe you had that perfect beach wedding in California; and on your wedding day, you were both looking forward to the future full of hope and happiness. Unfortunately, life happens and it doesn't always have a happy ending. Sadly, about 50% of marriages end in divorce in America.

If you are sitting at a crossroad, and are about to end your marriage, you might be wondering about getting an online divorce. If you live in California, you might even be wondering, if you can get divorced online by law.

The answer is yes you can! Online divorce is quick, easy and cheap in California and legal.

Here is how you can get a marriage annulment online in the sunshine state.

Look for an awesome online divorce company

When it comes to ending your marriage, you need to look out for the best online divorce companies. There are a few out there, so do your research. It would be important to choose a company that has experience. Don't go with a startup company. They might not have the experience that you need to help you through the entire divorce process. You could also go with a company that has excellent customer service. Many online divorce companies offer fantastic assistance throughout the entire process. They might even have lawyers that you can ask advice from online at an extra cost. Another good idea is making sure of exactly what each online divorce company charges. It is important to find out the exact fee structure though. You wouldn't want to get a huge bill at the end of your marriage.

See if you qualify for an online divorce

Once you have chosen the company that you will use to help you end your marriage, you might have to fill out an online questionnaire to see if you qualify for an online divorce. This is pretty simple. If you and your spouse agree on how to divide your assets and debts, you don't have children (or you agree to custody and visitation rights), and you both want the divorce, then you will be the perfect candidate.

Complete the appropriate papers

If you qualify, you will then need to complete the correct divorce papers. The company that you have chosen will send you through all the paperwork that you need. Most companies send paperwork through within 24 hours. This is much faster than going the traditional route. Once you receive your paperwork, you will then need to fill out all the documentation correctly. It is important to not leave anything out because if you do, you might have to start the entire process all over again. Which will only prolong your annulment.

Another way to obtain divorce papers in California is through the court's online site. Or at the courthouse. The state does offer advice on how to fill out each of the forms. If you are unsure, you can call the court and ask them. Some counties require extra documentation, therefore you will have to check exactly what your county requires from you. There are also self-help centers in California, that can help you with any questions that you may have. You might worry that filling out the paperwork is complicated, but it is quite easy. Some couples can fill out the correct documentation within as little as 20 minutes. There are 13 categories that you will need to go through. Each section is about your married life. For example, some sections might include things about your children, if you have children, listing your community property, mentioning what debts and assets you have.

What's next?

If you will be having an uncontested divorce, the process will be simple. You won't even need an attorney unless there is something specific that you feel, you might need to speak to an attorney about. Once all your documentation has been filled out, and you have attained all the supporting documents that you need, you can then file for divorce. You can either file for divorce at your local courthouse in the county in which you reside, or the online company that you have chosen can file your documents for you. But California law states that your documents have to be filed at the local court. You will need to serve your spouse as soon as possible though if they were not present with you when you filed your papers.

There are a few ways in which you can serve divorce papers to your spouse in California. You can do so by mail, county sheriff, friend or relative, or by using a professional server.
If you do choose an online company, they can help you with step by step instructions on how to file your papers.

Now you wait

Last, you will have to wait for your divorce to be finalized. A judge will review your paperwork. Once approved, you and your spouse will receive a copy of your divorce decree.

Is it cheaper to get an online divorce?

Yes, getting an online divorce in California is much cheaper than going the traditional route. On average the traditional cost of divorce in the sunshine state is $17,500. If you go the online route, you won't need to hire an attorney. Therefore your annulment will be cheap. The cost of the average online divorce is between $100 and $500 for an uncontested divorce. So if you would really love to save costs during your annulment, opt for an online divorce. It can be simple, easy, cheap and fast. Which is what you need during a complicated emotional time. Who needs added financial stress in this day and age?

On the Last thought….

If you are opting for an uncontested divorce, them going the online route is the best option. There are many great companies to choose from, who are professional and offer court-approved documents. Not only will you be able to save money, but the process will be faster. Ending your marriage is a painful, emotional process, but it doesn't have to be a difficult one. Keep things simple. Don't fight unnecessarily. Use modern means of annulment.

Soon it will be over.

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