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Journey of fashion everyday, the one stop destination for all your fashion problems

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In a modern world where everybody seeks fashion advice, Fashion Everyday tries to be the ultimate styling guru for all. The fact that makes us stand out of other fashionista communities is that we try to create content for the youth of the nation and all the common millennial's and not just focus on celebrity fashion. You will find our content practical that you could easily apply in your daily life.

Fashion Everyday keeps you updated with popular styling ideas and trendy outfits. It is the Facebook page solely dedicated to women fashion that gets you acquainted with the ongoing vogue. The Facebook page of Fashion Everyday is a 4.2 million big family. It is the one-stop destination for all your styling dilemmas and wardrobe choices.

Fashion Everyday is an integral part of Psifiako media that was started in the year 2016. Psifiako media is a progressive media company that has never failed to entertain its audience since the very beginning. The page is owned by two youngsters namely Nikhil Kale and Satyam Shastri who always had a dream of creating something unique.

They were so passionate about their dream that they even dropped out of college to focus solely on earning online and that made them the owner of a very successful startup. Dropping college is not as easy as it sounds but to achieve something one must take risks and they are the perfect example for it. The tough decision then brought them to the road of success today.

Fashion Everyday does not just serve its content through its Facebook page but we have widened our community to serve you better. A web solely dedicated to women fashion is introduced that posts various articles related to the fashion and the beauty tips that are much needed in any girl's life.

It was all the dedication and hard work that made Fashion Everyday won the Best Women Engaging Content Award in 2018. Another great news for our users is that we are soon launching an online store for our female fanbase. So be ready to get your wardrobe inspired by our exclusive fashion and welcome to your fashion paradise.

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