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Planning a Perfect Birthday Surprise

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Birthdays are always special, whether you are 8 or 80. And surprises comes with are really exciting. If you have a coming birthday in your family or in friends’ group, it definitely calls for a birthday surprise party. There are certain surprise plans that get clichéd now and need to be improvised. So here’s presenting 6 super ideas to plan a perfect birthday cake in Pune) surprise that anyone can achieve easily to make the person’s birthday super special.


The Midnight Bash: It will be absolutely perfect if you start surprising the birthday boy/girl from the very starting of the day. Order an ideal cake from Bakeway for the person and present that to him/her at midnight. It will drive him/her super crazy!

Customized Cake: The most demanding surprises on birthdays and also opt for a gift. Observe the birthday person’s likes and dislikes consciously and surprise him/her with their favourite version of birthday cake. It can be made as makeup cakes or Barbie doll cakes or also some small boozing ingredients on the cake as for the parties.

Handmade Objects: Handmade things are always ideal for a perfect birthday surprise. You can go for a beautiful greeting card or a notebook of few pages, consisting of several favourite photographs with the birthday boy/girl. Also, you can add some family pictures in it. This surprise will surely hit the mark and make the person super happy.

Cook for the Person: Just gifting the birthday boy/girl a present and go out for a birthday treat has become so clichéd now. Think of something innovative. Cooking can be a great solution. If this is your mom or dad’s big day, they will be the happiest if you surprise them by preparing their favourite dish. What if you can’t cook? At least your effort will add color to the day.

Envelope Surprise: One of the most tried birthday surprise. Make some handmade small envelops with the help of colouring art papers and fill it with anything. Anything you like or you think the birthday boy/girl will like. It can be pictures, short letters, sometimes confessional letters and many more. Kids will get crazy if there are candies inside.

Photo Gallery: Just like the envelopes but without the help of envelopes! Confusing? Not at all. Just print some beautiful photographs with the birthday boy/girl and fix it to the walls in a creative way. You can easily print the photographs in black and white to make it look different and mystic. Also, it can be attached to the balloons. It will take the person in the world of memories.

Try these super new ideas with your friends, families, colleagues to surprise on their birthdays. Hope, these surprising birthday party’s ideas are beneficial to dispel your confusion. And to end with, plan something new, show your creativity in arranging, surprise them well and make their birthday super special

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