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Top Reasons to visit Sikkim, the undiscovered gem

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The North Eastern part of India has been one of the neglected places in India. Due to the lack of availability of good transport system, the tourism industry in the state of Sikkim had not flourished. But due to the strenuous efforts taken by the present government, a lot has changed in the past few years. The number of tourists preferring Sikkim has grown steadily. If you are planning a trip to Sikkim, there are a lot of Sikkim tour Packages available. So, you need not worry about the site seeing locales that are hard to traverse in a private vehicle. These are the top reasons one must visit Sikkim.

Bring out the adventure freak in you

Photo Courtesy- Saumin Kumar Saha, Kolkata
  What about waking up to sights of snow glazed mountain peaks that shimmers in the sight of early morning sun? This is one of those simple pleasures you can experience when you sleep in the tents under the stars in Sikkim.

Feel like a fairy

Anywhere in Sikkim, you can find a lot of flowers blooming. In fact there is an entire season dedicated to the flowers in the state of Sikkim. If you are a nature lover, then you must surround yourself with such beautiful locations. The place more or less looks like a place where fairies frequent. The hills kiss the skies in Sikkim. The hills are pure white in shade dotted with colorful flowers is indeed a visual delight.

Soul Finding

In Sikkim, you can find a lot of places where you can meditate in seclusion. The meditation centers in Sikkim are so calm that you can even hear your own breath. When you are in Sikkim, you can indulge in the process of finding your soul and your purpose in life. So, apart from all the fun and adventure, a trip to Sikkim can bring so much of peace and tranquility to your lives.
Branded as world's best destination

A lot of organizations in the world have branded Sikkim as a must visit the place. It is a great moment for India to get listed in a prestigious list like that. Once you visit Sikkim, you will understand as to why the place is regarded as the best place to visit in the world.

Paragliding and suspension bridge

Paragliding over the silent hills of Sikkim is a great sight to spot the lush greenery of the state. One should never miss walking over the suspension bridge in the world. The place is not littered as it is also named as one of the world's cleanest places.

Place where peace is the religion

There are not many places in the world where different religions reside together in harmony. You can find a lot of Shiva temples and an equal number of Buddhist monasteries. The state of Sikkim is adorned with the colorful prayer flags apart from the flowers.

Now, these are some of the reasons why you should plan a trip to Sikkim. It is one of the places in India where you can find locations that look similar to that of the locations in the foreign countries.

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