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New age programming languages for Big Data

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The IT industry is expanding and now we have new technologies which challenge the age-old programming languages. The way we process the data has changed long back. When we started processing binary data with the first computers we had no idea that this a beginning of a new revolution in the way we process data.

As the world changed, data also changed. More data and the need to grow and overcome competition paved the way for better data processing. When all these were taking place, a new trendy work was introduced and we called it the Big data. A super large data set which when analyzed to the granular level would give us trends and patterns. This data is most represented as unstructured data. As companies grew, the data they had, also increased and the need to process these data to reveal the magic potion which will scale their business became the need of the hour. Thus the evolution of data processing tools.

Since the advent of big data, the need to process large sets of data is increasing day by day. A data analyst is a person who processes unstructured data and converts it into understandable English. Here, we use the term “understandable” because of the very nature of data point’s discovery. He helps in joining the dots in the data and help the company take an informed decision whether it is in the sale, marketing or manufacturing. Data analysts are categories into a financial analyst, structural analyst, and operational analyst depending on the type of data they are handling.

Big data courses with Apache Spark are the most exciting words in the tech arena today. Almost every company is in need of proper big data analysis for better operational efficiency and to scale their size without increasing the cost of operation. 

Data analytics course also is a basic foundation of big data. There is a close connection between these courses. At a professional level, all these courses look like a single data processing tool which is used to draw patterns out of an extremely large set of data for better and informed business decisions.

The kind of jobs these courses guarantee you are much different than the jobs today’s engineering courses guarantee. The mainstream courses like engineering have saturated the job industry with too many engineers. There are either no jobs and on the other hand, there is a huge demand for technical talents.

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