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Visit Leh to feel paradise on earth

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At the mention of the word Leh, the first thing that strikes anyone's mind is the long road trips. The place is the ideal destination for youngsters and family alike. It is the place where you can switch off your phones for a while and connect with nature. If you are not okay with taking a bike to wade through the high altitudes then you can prefer the Leh Ladakh Tour packages. Everything comes inclusive of this package that you can enjoy the sceneries by the window side while a safe vehicle takes you down the road.

Things you should be doing when in Leh Ladakh

There are a lot of things you must be doing when you are visiting this paradise on earth. The best part about visiting Leh is to feel the drastic transformation from green mountains to mountain peaks that shines in the sunlight.

Sunrise at the Lake

This sort of sunrise is one of the rarest experiences you can encounter in your life. It is hard to put in words the beauty of sun's rays reflecting on the water of the lake. The water of the lake is so crystal clear that you can spot the reflections of the snowcapped mountains too on the surface.

Watch the birds

Photo by Medha from Kolkata
Leh Ladakh is the place where you can spot a wide variety of flora and fauna. There are a lot of birds that migrate from different lands to the land of Leh Ladakh. Watching these birds catch their prey from the lakes is a sight to be captured on your camera.

Experience a real-life National Geographic channel around

You can spot a lot of wild bison in Leh Ladakh. This bison do not harm humans but it is advised not to go too near them. You can have a great photoshoot with the camels of the region. These camels take you to the places where even your bike can't take you and those places which are hard to reach by foot.

Star and Moon Watching

Since the skies of Leh Ladakh is free from a lot of pollutants, the idea of watching the sparkling moon and the shining stars are a great delight to the eyes. You can get lost in the beauty of the stars that you might even sleep off in the open.

Visit the monasteries

The monasteries in Leh Ladakh are in a way different from what is found in the other places. The monasteries at Leh are open and anyone can meditate in front of the giant statues. It is also believed that the prayer bells bring in a lot of luck and fulfills one's wish. If you are lucky enough, you can listen to some of the stories that could enrich your lives from the Buddhist monks.

Experience warmth

You can step into the households of the local and request for a butter coffee. This butter coffee is considered to be the soul food for the chill climate at Ladakh. Experience snow and never forget to indulge in some of the lip-smacking Maggi.

These are some of the things you need to experience while you are at Leh Ladakh.

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