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Journey Of Two Youngsters From Dropping Out Of College To Owning A Successful Startup

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Initiating a start-up may interest a lot of people but only a few of them are courageous enough to take a step and here we are talking about Nikhil Kale and Satyam Shastri who had the kind of passion that it takes to follow one's dreams. Like any other millennial, these two were also pursuing education along with a dream of creating something extraordinary but what separates them from rest of the people is the fact that they were ready to risk everything for it. Following the plan, the two dropped out of college to focus solely on their dream and that's when the journey of a very successful startup 'No one cares' began.

Both youngsters were always passionate about social media. The duo met online and got acquainted with each other's idea of starting something on their own. They're will to pursue their dream was so strong that they decided to drop out of college in order to focus solely on their startup. Of course there were family hassles but eventually, everything worked out the way it was always supposed to be.
Following the plan Nikhil Kale and Satyam Shastri dropped out of engineering and polytechnic diploma respectively and set the first milestone of their Facebook page 'No One Cares'. The purpose of this startup was to encourage and motivate many other youngsters like them and to bring a positive change in their lives. And the page is fulfilling its promise by helping people in their depression and loneliness through the entertaining content along with informative stuff.
No One Cares is a very popular page among the millennial's with more than 27 million likes! It comes under 'Psifiako Media' which is one of the greatest media company that you will ever come across. It is home to three more communities like it, namely, Fashion Everyday, Who cares, No One Cares Videos.
After creating so much buzz on Facebook, the page headed to another social media platform that is Instagram to engage more fan base and make people consume the content through this app. Successfully, No One Cares has 1.1 million followers on Instagram and is ruling the online world.
It serves people with the much-needed positivism and encouragement. To become the part of 'No One Cares' family means to always stay updated about the ongoing of the world and get entertained meanwhile. The page that was started in 2016 is still standing firm on its promise of bringing a smile on people's faces and making their lives a lot easier by making them forget about their worries. It has not only worshipped the idea of getting millions of followers but also worked very hard and gaining it and it is the result of their hard work and passion and that brought the page to the kind of success that it has today.

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