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Maharashtrian Dishes

MaharashtraMaharashtrian or Marathi food consist large variety of vegetables, fish and coconuts. Maharashatrian food is rich in ginger, garlic and lots of spices. Tomatoes, brinjals and other vegetables stuffed with masala fillings and cooked in oil till soft are very popular in Maharashtra. Cooking is mainly done in groundnut oil but it is made sure that the oil is minimum. Bharwan Baingan, Kohlapuri Rassa, Puran Poli, Aamti, Bombay Chiwda are some of the popular recipes. In a country where dialects change every few miles, cuisines are no different. Maharashtra like any other state in India is a mini-India in itself. Maharashtrian cuisine ranges from vegetarian and kosher meals to coastal and non-vegetarian varieties. This is a fertile land, with a lush green lining of Konkan along the west coast - home of presumably the most delicious mango variety in the world - the alphonso, all the way to the sweet oranges from Nagpur on the east. While the cuisine boasts delicacies such as Shrikhand, Puran Poli and the exotic Modaks on one hand, on the other, it goes all out spicy on many of its curries like, Rassa and snack items like Misal Pav and Batata Vada. To top it all, its capital city - Mumbai - the most glamorous, vibrant and cosmopolitan city in India, adds to Maharashtrian cuisine, among other things, its very own uniquely characteristic 'Chaat' food!
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Maharashtrian Dishes
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