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August 12, 2020

Choco Shrikhand

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Festival : Gudi Padwa Region : Maharashtra
 Recipe by : ,Ahmedabad , India
Last Updated: 12-8-2020
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A fragrant yogurt dessert prepared during new year festivities (Gudi Padwa) in Maharashtra.

This particular recipe is a variant with chocolate added for better flavour. More sweets to prepare for Janmashtami

Ingredients :
Curd : 500gm
Sugar : 1cup
Cadbury chocolate : 40gms
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Cooking Method:

Place curd in a muslin cloth piece and tie it with a string. Hang it until it becomes thick muska. Keep a deep bowl below the hung curd, to collect the whey. Watery part (whey) of the curd will drain off, and collect in the deep bowl kept below. Thick hung curd will remain. Remove curd from the muslin cloth to a bowl, add whole sugar preferably powdered, shredded chocolate, and mix well. Place the bowl in the refrigerator, serve cold. 

Making curd : Heat milk (1 packet), let it cool at room temperature. Add little quantity of curd (1-2 tsp) into the slightly warm milk, mix well and put in warm place for 4-5 hours. Curd is ready.

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   etika jain, jammu ReplyPosted On:2/4/2010
can u plz explain this recipie in a more illustrated way ??