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December 16, 2008

Neelam Burfi

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Festival : Diwali Region : Maharashtra
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Last Updated: 16-12-2008
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Ingredients :    
Besan flour - 100gm
Milk - 1cup
Walnut - 100gm
Raisins - 10gm
Sliced cashew nuts - 50gm
Sliced almonds (badam) - 10gm
Pistachios (pista) - 10gm
Grated coconut - 100gm
Sugar - 6tbs
Ghee -  
Silver foil -  
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Method :

Fry besan flour in ghee. Add milk, sugar and stir well. After that add coconut, cashew nuts, walnuts and raisins. Mix well all the contents and switch off the fire. Spread the contents to a greased vessel and cover with a silver foil. When cool, cut into desired shapes and decorate with almonds and pistachios.

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