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December 27, 2013

Batata Vada

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Region : Maharashtra
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Last Updated: 27-12-2013
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Let me introduce you to a snack recipe from the streets of Mumbai "Batata Vada". Batata means Potato and it's the healthiest and the spiciest of all Potato snacks.

Ingredients :

Oil - 1-2tbsp
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
Ginger Garlic Paste - 3-4 tbsp
Boiled Potato's - 2-3
Salt - to taste
Chopped coriander leaves - ½ cup
For the batter :    
Gram flour - 1 cup
Red Chilly Powder - 1-2 tsp
Baking Powder - 1tsp
Water - 1 glass
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Cooking Method :

Lets first prepare the Potato filling.. For that heat oil on medium flame, add mustard seeds and let it splutter. Add ginger garlic paste along with coarsely mashed potatoes and sauté for some time until the oil separates. Now add a pinch of salt and chopped coriander leaves into the recipe, continue sautéing for 3-4 minutes. Now you can turn off the stove and let you filling cool for some time.

Meanwhile lets prepare the batter. Take a cup of gram flour in a pan, add a tsp of red chilly Powder, a pinch of Baking Powder, salt and water, lets whisk everything together until a nice smooth batter of pouring consistency is ready.

Now lets make small, one and half inch sized balls of the potato vada's for frying. Dip the potato balls in the batter, coat it well and place in hot oil. Cook on medium high flame until your Batata Vada's turn golden brown.

Serve hot with a green chutney or tomato sauce for perfect Combination.

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