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September 10, 2021

Pooran Poli

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Festival : Diwali Region : Maharashtra
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Last Updated: 10-9-2021
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Pooran Poli is a special delicacy prepared in Maharashtra during Holi and Diwali. It is not only sweet but also healthy with the goodness of Channa & jaggery

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Channa Dal

- 1 to 2 cup


- 1 or 2 cup


- 1 or 1/2 cup

Cardamoms powdered

- 5 to 7


- 1 cup


- 1 or 2 tsp


- needed


-  little
Turmeric powder - little
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Method :

1. Soak the Channa dal for 5 to 6 hours

2. Cook the channa dal till it becomes soft. Drain the water & keep aside until the dal become dry.

3. Add jaggery to the cooked dal and keep in slow Fire for 4 to 5 minutes to allow the water to evaporate. Put cardamom powder to the mixture. Keep aside for cooling. Then grind the mixture to a fine paste. Prepare a ball out of of this and keep in a plate.

4.Prepare a soft dough of maida ( with water and little salt, and oil and turmeric powder)

5.Take the dough and make a small round. Keep the dal & jaggery paste ball inside, fold/ wrap the dough on all sides and cover the paste completely.

6. Then press this dough slowly in flour on both sides, and gently roll out.( while wrapping if it sticks use a little flour it and then roll it.)

7. Place poli on the pan, put ghee on top and roast both sides. Repeat the process till the paste is over.

Now your Pooran Poli is ready to serve.

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