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November 27, 2008


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Region : Kerala
 Recipe by : ,Grants , USA
Last Updated: 27-11-2008
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'Vellayappam', a delicacy from the Kerala cuisine is a laced pancake made of rice and coconut milk.

Raw rice (Ponny Rice) - 2 cups
Cooked white rice - 1 cup
Coconut Milk - 1cup
Pinch of Yeast   -  
Salt - to taste
Cooked Cream of Wheat or "Semolena (Rava)" - 1 Tsp
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Preparation :

Soak Rice for 1-4 hours. Grind a portion of the raw rice and some of the coconut milk and blend till batter has the consistency of fine grains of sand. Set this first batch aside in large mixing bowl -the larger the better to allow the batter to ferment to double it’s volume. With the second portion of uncooked rice and coconut milk, add the cooked white rice, yeast mixture, cream of wheat and a pinch of salt. Blend this very well and add to the large mixing bowl already containing the blended batter. Set aside this large bowl containing the batter in a warm dry spot.  Let batter ferment for 2- hours or until the batter has doubled in volume.

Heat the non stick Appa Chatty, which is fully round on the bottom, on medium flame. Pour one large serving spoon full of batter in the pan. Twirl around the pan and cover for 1-2 min.Once the center is cooked remove. Repeat.

Appam can be served with sugar on top, with coconut milk,  Meat / vegetable Stew, Fish Mollee or Mutton Kuruma.

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   Ani, USAReplyPosted On:12/11/2009
what is the reason for the 2 batches ? why not have all in 1 go ?
   ry, indiaReplyPosted On:5/8/2009
very good