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Onam Special Recipes

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semya payasam sambar parippu curry chor (boiled rice) papadam pachhady olan kalan thoran avial koottu curry puli inji manga curry uppu (salt) sarkara puratty kaya varuthatu pazham

'Onasadhya' is the grand feast served during the celebration of Onam in Kerala. It is served in Banana leafs. There is a way of placing the leaf and an order of serving the dishes. The picture given shows the serving order beginning from the left with 'Upperies'.

Rice is the main course. With rice, various kinds of dishes are served... curries, 'upperies' (things fried in oil), 'pappadams' (round crisp flour paste cakes of peculiar make), 'achchars' (pickles of various kinds), 'payasams' and 'prathamans' (Desserts). Fruits are also served, mainly plantain.


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