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October 12, 2021

Bandhakopir Dalna

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Festival : Dussehra / Vijaya dashmi Region : West Bengal
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Last Updated: 12-10-2021
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Bandhakopir Dalna is a Bengali cabbage & potato stir fry vegetarian side dish.

Also known as Bandhakopir (cabbage) Tarkari/ Ghonto, it is a typical yet delicious curry made in any Bengali household.

Ingredients :
- 1 lb (sliced finely)
- 2 (cut in small cubes)
- 2 tbsp
- 1 tbsp
Green chili paste
- 1 1/4 to 2 tsp
Ground cumin
- 1 tbsp
Ground coriander
- 1 tsp
Ginger grated
- 1 inch
- 1 tbsp
Bay leaves
- 2
Garam masala
- 1/2 tsp
- to taste
Sugar - to taste
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Fry cubed potatoes in hot oil in a wok until lightly browned. Remove from oil and keep aside. To the hot oil add cabbage. Sprinkle with salt. Stir and cover. Simmer for 3-4 minutes. Remove cover. Add the turmeric, chili paste, cumin, coriander and ginger. Stir and fry until the spices are well blended with the cabbage. The cabbage should be nearly cooked at this stage. Add 1/2 cup water and add potatoes. Adjust salt and add sugar to taste. Simmer over medium heat until potatoes are cooked and there is practically no gravy in the pan.

In a frying pan, heat butter. Add the bay leaves and garam masala. Stir fry a couple of minutes and pour over bandhakopir dalna. Stir the cabbage and remove from heat.

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