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April 10, 2022

Wheat Dal Payasam

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Festival : Vishu Region : Kerala
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Last Updated: 10-4-2022
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Enjoy the goodness of whole wheat and dal in this delicious payasam or Kheer, made during festivals in Kerala.

Instead of sugar, we are using the healthier jaggery in the kheer recipe.

Ingredients :    

Broken Wheat

- 300gm

Fried green gram dal

- 100gm


- 1kg


- 1/2 cup

Coconut milk

- 5cups (second extract)

Coconut milk

- 2cups (first extract)

Cashew nuts

- 25gm


- 25gm

Powdered Cardamom

- 5nos
Water - 5cups
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Method of Preparation : 

Heat and melt jaggery in some water, strain and keep aside. Boil water and add wheat and fried dal. Cook well by removing water intermittently and adding fresh boiled water. This is done so as to remove the starch of the wheat. 

Add the jaggery syrup to this and mix well. Pour required ghee to it and make it thick by stirring continuously.  

When its consistency thickens, add second extract of coconut milk. Boil well and when it thickens, add first extract of milk. Sprinkle cardamom powder and stir well. 

Fry cashewnuts and raisins in ghee. Spread it over the payasam and remove from fire.

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