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March 3, 2009

Fishermans Pie

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Region : British
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Last Updated: 3-3-2009
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Tinned or Cooked Fish - 450 Gm  
For Potato Mixture
Mashed Potato          -  450 Gm
Milk                                                                - 1/4 Cup
Butter   - 25 Gm
For White Sauce      
Butter          - 25 Gm
Leek (Celery or Spring Onions) - 1stick  
Flour       - 25 Gm
Button Mushroom - 1 Cup
Cheese   - 50gm
Sweet Corn - 1/2 Cup  
Milk (Room Temperature) - 300ml  
Dried Parsley - 1tsp  
Salt & Pepper - to taste
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Fisherman's Pie is a famous British dish with white sauce as the base. Baked fish and other ingredients are added to the white sauce and topped up with mashed potatoes. You can serve the pie with garlic bread, tomato sauce, macaroni or white rice.

Method of Preparation:

Mash Potato Mixture: 

Cook the potato. Mash well with a little bit of butter and milk.  

White Sauce : 

Heat butter in a saucepan on a low fire, add 1cup of chopped leeks (celery or spring onions) and stir until tender. Lower the heat or turn it off and stir in 3tbs of white flour. Make sure that the sauce is not browned.

Now keep the sauce again on low heat, sauté in the cooked mushrooms, then add the sweet corn and finally blend in the 300 ml of milk stirring continuously. As the mixture thickens add 50gms of cheddar cheese and parsley. Stir for a few seconds and remove from heat. Add salt and pepper to taste. The sauce should have a thick consistency. Mix in 450g of the cooked white fleshed fish to the prepared sauce. Now the mixture is ready.

Pour the pie mixture into an oven proof greased baking pan or pie dish. Level the mixture. Fill the mash potato mixture in a piping bag and then pipe out designs on top of the mixture. Decorate with a bit of grated cheddar cheese. Bake in the oven until the crust become light golden brown.

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   shankari, sri lankaReplyPosted On:3/10/2010
recipe was fine but the baking temperature was not mentioned in the recipe so pls add that for more convenient to follow this.