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November 17, 2008

Tel Koi (Bengali Fish Curry)

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Region : West Bengal
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Last Updated: 17-11-2008
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Ingredients :


Koi fish (Climbing Perch)

- 12nos

Mustard oil

- 1/2cup


- 2tbs

Ground large onions

- 3nos

Garlic paste

- 1tsp

Ginger paste

- 1tbs

Finely chopped tomato

- 1no

Turmeric powder

- 1tsp

Chilli powder

- 1/2tsp


- to taste

Beaten curd

- 100gm

Ground green chillies

- 4nos
Sugar - 1tsp
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Method of Preparation :

Clean the fish. Do not slice. Make slits at a few places on both the sides. 

Heat oil and ghee together in a pan. Fry onion paste till reddish brown. Sauté well by adding garlic and ginger paste. Add chopped tomatoes, salt, turmeric and chilli powder. Sauté well till the oil separates and add beaten curd, green chilli paste and sugar. Fry for 3minutes and add 11/2cup water.

Add the fish when the water comes to a boil. Cook on medium heat till the fish is done. Remove from fire when the water evaporates and the oil separates.

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   Madhu, KolkataReplyPosted On:8/2/2017
amazing dish..... luv it..... everybody should taste it........ dil khush kr deta.....
   Abdus Samad, Riyadh ReplyPosted On:23/7/2010
can giving biryani recipes details and alour dam and othere othere Thanks