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January 13, 2009


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Festival : Vishu Region : Kerala
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Last Updated: 13-1-2009
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Ingredients :


Raw Rice

- 2cups
Coconut - 2nos (grated) 
Cumin - a pinch
Salt - to taste
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Method of Preparation : 

Add a little water to the grated coconut and take thick milk from it. Keep it aside. Pour some warm water to the same coconut and take 2nd extract and keep it aside. In the same manner take 3rd extract of milk and cook the rice in it.

When it is done, add the 2nd extract of milk and salt. Boil again and allow to thicken. Powder the fennel and add this to the boiling rice mixture. When the consistency of the mixture thickens, add 1st extract of milk before removing from fire 

Grease a flat vessel with ghee or oil and pour the content into it. Cut into desired shapes when cool.

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