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November 21, 2008

Makki Di Roti

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Festival : Baisakhi Region : Punjab
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Last Updated: 21-11-2008
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Corn flour

- 2cups

Grated radish

- 2tbs


- to taste

Warm water to knead

Ghee or oil    
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Cooking Method : 

Knead corn flour with warm water. While kneading, add some grated radish and salt. 

Take a polythene paper and place it on a flat surface. On this put a ball of the kneaded dough. Cover with another piece of polythene and then press the ball with your palm till you get the size of a roti. This roti is slightly thicker than the normal roti. Remove the polythene cover and transfer the roti to a hot tava. Cook on low heat, turning till both sides are roasted. Apply some ghee. Similarly, cook the other rotis.

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   Nita, ThailandReplyPosted On:1/12/2009
Wow!looks yummy.i'll try 1 day.
   anchal bangar, PunjabReplyPosted On:1/9/2009
sorry but this is not the way we make roti.no polythene is used but it is the skill of hands.the ball is kept between palm of both hands and then alternately pressing it with the palms till we get the size of a roti. And no grated radish or salt is used.
   Apeksha, New delhiReplyPosted On:30/8/2009
Makki ki roti can be prepared simply using hands only as it is being practised in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh