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February 15, 2022

Chicken Roulade

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Festival : Region : French
 Recipe by : ,Delhi
Last Updated: 15-2-2022
Preparation Time
45 minute
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The word 'roulade' means 'rolled' in French. Chicken roulade is made with chicken breasts pounded thin, stuffed, rolled and then baked.

Ususally served with boiled /mashed veggies and sauce.

Ingredients for 3 Portions  

Chicken Whole - 1Nos
Chicken Mince - 250 Gm
Egg - 2 Nos
Salt - To Taste
Blind Bake Tart - 1 No
Sweet Potato - 200 Gm
Baby Carrot - 2 Nos
Brocoli - 50 Gm
For the Sauce    
Chicken Stock - 250 Ml
Butter - 50 Gms
Salt and Pepper - As Desired
Blue Berry - 100 Gm`
White Wine - 50 Ml
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Debone the chicken with skin and lightly pat to be thin, OR place the chicken in between plastic sheets and pound with rolling pin. Mix mince, egg, salt and pepper and place it in middle of chicken breast pieces. Roll the pieces.

Cook in comby oven to keep it moist and tender. Cool down and slice, Heat in oven and plate on a dish.

Cook Blue berry with chicken stock and add little bit wine to enhance the taste. Finish with seasoning and butter.

Roast the sweet potato and peel. Prepare mash and season.

Finish with piping in tart. Serve roulades with saute carrot and broccoli.

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