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July 5, 2008

Chicken Gulgul

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 Recipe by : ,Trivandrum , India
Last Updated: 5-7-2008
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Chicken - 1 kg
Turmeric powder  
Corriander power  
Chili powder  -  
Salt - to taste
Oil  -  
Mustard and curry leaves  -  
Onion (big) - two or three
Garlic  -  
Ginger paste  -  
Coconut (to milk) - 1 coconut
Corriander leaves  -  
Tomato  -  
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Method Of Preparation:

Take 1kg chicken and cut into pieces. Take some turmeric powder, corriander power, chili powder mix it well with salt.

After 20 minutes deep-fry the chicken. Take a frying pan adds some oil and put some mustard and curry leaves. Put two or three big onion and also add some garlic, ginger paste.

Take one coconut and its milk to it. Put the chicken into this mixture and allow them to boil.

Add some corriander leaves and tomato to garnish. Your gulgul chicken is ready.

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