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December 16, 2008


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Festival : Region : Tamil Nadu
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Last Updated: 16-12-2008
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Jalebi is a deep fried sweet made from gram dal and then soaked in syrup. It is bright orange or yellow in colour and can be served warm or hot.

Ingredients :    
White gram dal - 500 gm
Water - 1 litre
Sugar - 1 kg
Coconut oil or refined oil - 1 kg
Jilebi colour (orange) - 5 drops
Salt - to taste
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Method : 

Finely grind the white gram dal with little water. Mix salt in it and make a smooth batter of semi-thick consistency.

Heat sugar in a pan and add water into it. Add the jilebi colour and remove from the fire when it thickens. 

Heat oil in a thick bottom vessel. Squeeze the prepared batter into the oil through a thin layered cloth. While squeezing the batter, first make three rounds and a flower shape on top. When it is done (don't fry), remove from oil. Allow oil to drain.  Put the jilebis into the warm sugar syrup. Take out after they soak in the syrup for about 15 minutes. Make jilebi's with the whole batter. 

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   kavita choudhary, balaghatReplyPosted On:19/2/2011
today my ma n pa is very happy when i was made a jalebi and say the ma npa test it n they say very good beta its just for your help thanku dear
   Khushboo Singh, NepalReplyPosted On:10/10/2009
Why do we need salt in jalebi?