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October 1, 2021

Meen Vazhayilayil Pollichathu / Stuffed Sardine fried in Banana leaf

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Region : Kerala
 Recipe by : ,Kochi , India
Last Updated: 1-10-2021
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Holiday Inn presents a traditional fish recipe from Kerala.

Sardine / Pomfret stuffed with spices, is wrapped in banana leaves and fried lightly to make this tasty dish.

Ingredients :

Coconut Oil   Garlic
Ginger   Green Chilly
Onion   Salt
Coriander powder   Chilly Powder
Curry leaves   Tomato
Cocum Juice   Sardine Fish
Plantain leaf    
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Cooking Method :

First, lets add coconut oil into a pan. To this lets add condiments such as garlic & chopped green chillies and continue to saute. Add in thinly sliced ginger into the pan along with chopped onions and a pinch of salt, continue sauteing.

Add in spices such as coriander powder, turmeric powder, red chilly powder and few curry leaves into the pan and saute. Add chopped tomatoes into the pan and continue sauteing. Later add the juice of soaked kodampuli (cocum) into the pan.

Now the masala is ready lets stuff the masala on to the half fried sardine fish. Place the masala stuffed sardine fish on to a plantain leaf and fry it in another pan for 2 minutes.

Transfer the fish to a plate and your chala vazha ilayil pollichathu is ready to serve.

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 recipe image Meen Vazhayilayil Pollichathu / Stuffed Sardine fried in Banana leaf  recipe image Kerala Meen Thala Curry
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