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February 15, 2014

Sarson da Saag

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Region : Punjab
 Recipe by : ,Chandigarh , India
Last Updated: 15-2-2014
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Come winter and every Punjabi household, eateries and most roadside dhabas have their fill of this iron-rich, calorie rich dish. In many households, the dish Sarson da saag becomes a staple diet for the winter - a thing that can be had any time - be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. The dish is made from sarson or mustard leaves to which smaller quantities of paalak (spinach) and bathu (wild spinach) are added.


Ingredients :

Mustard leaves (stems peeled) - 1.5 kg
Spinach - 300 gm
Wild spinach (bathu) - 200 gm
Corn flour - 50 gm (for saag) 
Corn flour - 300 gm (for 6 rotis)
Green chillies - (4-5) or as per taste
Garlic - 20 cloves
Onions - 2 medium size
Ginger - 100 gm
Turmeric - A teaspoon
Water - 1 cup
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Cooking Method :

Wash and clean the mustard leaves, spinach and wild spinach. Cut finely. Stems of mustard have to be peeled before cutting.

Pressure cook these for one hour approximately. Put in ginger and 10 garlic cloves along with the leaves. Let it cool for some time.

Take out the mixture and put it in a blender with 50 gm of corn flour and churn for 30 seconds. Mixture should remain a little lumpy.

Heat oil/ghee in deep frying vessel. Put 10 cloves of finely chopped garlic. When brown, add finely chopped unions and green chillies. When onions turn dark golden, add the saag mixture, salt (to taste) and turmeric.

Add red chilly powder (optional).

Let it cook for 30 minutes till it comes to required consistency to eat.

Serve steaming hot with melted ghee (clarified butter), home-made butter or salted butter. Serve with corn flour rotis - Makki di Roti.

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   Aravinda srinivas, karnatakaReplyPosted On:16/4/2015
Here we wont get musturd leaves. instead of that can we use mustured seeds? I hv tasted saron ka saag when i visited to chandighar, Amritsar. can i get the receipe of Veg patiyala?