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The original name of  Aurangabad was 'Khadke', founded in 1610 by Malik Ambar. It was later changed to Aurangabad in honour of Mughal ruler Aurangazeb. It has a number of tourist sites and the city boasts of Bibi-ka-Makbara, a tomb that has some resemblance to the Taj Mahal. The importance of Aurangabad is great, owing to its proximity with world heritage sites of Ajanta and Ellora. These sites have Buddhist, Jain and Hindu temples. Aurangabad is also famous for its silk and cotton textiles.It is 388 Km east of Bombay, 30 Km south east of Ellora and 100 Km southwest of Ajanta. Best time to visit Aurangabad is Novemeber to February.

image    Tourist Attractions
» Aurangabad Caves » Chand Minar » Ellora Caves
» Khuldabad » Pan Chakki
image   Fairs, Festivals and Events
» Buddha Jayanti » Ellora Ajanta Aurangabad Festival » Khuldabad Urs
» Paithan Fair » Shivaji Jayanti
image   Forts, Palaces, Monuments and Museums
» Bibi Ka Maqbara » Chini Mahal » Daulatabad Fort
» History Museum of Marathwada University » State Archaeology Museum
image   Getaways
» Ajanta Caves » Jayakwadi Dam and Bird Sanctuary » Paithan
» Saint Dnyaneshwar Garden » Shirdi
image   Mosques
» Baba Shah Muzaffar Dargah » Chauk Masjid » Jama Masjid
» Jami Masjid » Kali Masjid » Lal Masjid
» Shah Ganj Mosque
image   Shopping
» Aurangabad Shopping Areas » Saat Bungalow
image   Temples
» Grishneshwar Temple » Kailash Temple