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Jama Masjid of Malik Ambar

Jama Masjid of Malik Ambar, built by Aurangazeb in the late 16th century  is located near the Killa Arrak (the palace of Aurangazeb) in the center of grove of trees. The masjid is a low building with minarets and has 50 polygonal pillars, arranged in 5 rows and are connected by a system of arches which divides the building into 27 equal compartments. Each section is covered by a beautifully designed magical chamber. Verses from Koran are inscribed in the minarets and the broad band. In front of the masjid, there are 9 pointed arches, of which 5 were erected by Malik Ambar and the others by Aurangazeb. The spacious court in front of the mosque has open buildings for travelers and a water tank which draws water from the Malik Ambar canal (Nahar Amberi). The Masjid is a true specimen of the grace and brilliance of the Mughal architecture and artwork.

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