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Daulatabad Fort

Daulatabad Fort, situated on a pyramid-shaped hilltop about 13 km from Aurangabad city, forms a part of the Daulatabad city which was earlier known as Devigiri. Devigiri city, founded in 1187 AD by Bhillam Raja of the Yadava dynasty was handed over to the several dynasties in the Deccan and renamed as Daulatabad meaning 'The city of fortune' by Sultan Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq, the sultan of Delhi.

Perched at a height of approximately 60 feet, the magnificent Daulatbad fort is amongst the best preserved forts in the world that date back to the 12th century. The fort is surrounded by thick walls, spiked gates, steep graveled slide ways and a 40 feet deep trench with mechanical drawbridges and crocodiles. The fort also has a coiled network of secret, quizzical and subsurface passages. Along with these, a strong 5 kms long wall and complex series of defenses makes Daulatabad fort one the most secure forts. The fort remains open on all days till 6 pm.

The main attractions within the Daulatabad fort are the Chand Minar tower, Chini Mahal or Chinese Palace and Jami Masjid.

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