Friday, March 1, 2024


From the time of the epic  Mahabharatha the region called Vidharba  is one besides Marathwada  which comprises Maharashtra today. This region was a part of the Mauryan empire. After the fall of the Mauryan,  Maharashtra was ruled by diverse dynasties, each adding to the cultural flavour of the region and each leaving behind its own distinctive marks.

The Satavahanas administrated this area followed by the -Vakatas, the Rashtrakutas, Kalachuris, Chalukyas and the Yadhavas. In about the 11th century AD the Delhi Sultanate established their rule. This was overthrown by the Bahmani dynasty which ruled till the end of the 15the century.  The 17th century heralded the sudden rise in power of the Maraths-Marathi speaking Hindu warriors of the region. The Marathas emerged as a strong power under Shivaji  who ruled from 1646 to 1680. The Peshwas who succeeded  Shivaji built up a Maratha empire which extended from Gwalior in the north to Tanjore in the south, till the 18th century after which the British exercised their influence in  this region. From 1818 it became a part of the Bombay Presidency. In the year 1960 Under the Bombay Re-organization Act, Maharashtra and Gujarat were separated and Maharashtra attained statehood.