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Shah Ganj Mosque

Situated in the market square of Aurangabad, the largest Shah Ganj Mosque is one of the most attractive monument of Maharashtra built by Aazu-d Daula Iraz Khan in 1720 A.D. The mosque in the Indo- Saracenic style of architecture is constructed on a elevated platform, supported by stone pillars. The entrance of Shah ganj mosque is in the model of a little mosque with pointed archway and two towers. The interior is linked by horizontal arches and contains 24 pillars out of which 6 pillars are arranged in the form of a square. The roof is built in the shape of a series of little domes, each supported on four pillars. The main chamber of the mosque is covered with an elegant globular dome with a base of carved lotus leaves. The courtyard consist of 2 large water tanks and it is believed that in summer when the water is scarce relieves the suffering of the residents.

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