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Aurangabad Caves

Located 3 km north of the city, Aurangabad caves are artificial caves dug out from a soft rock during the 2nd and 6th century A.D. 10 caves are found here that are classified into two separate groups, namely Western Group Caves comprising caves 1 to 5 and Eastern Group Caves comprising caves 6 to 10, at a distance of about 1.5kms apart.

All the caves are designed and molded according to Tantric Hinduism and consists of attractive intricate carvings. Of these caves, caves 3, 6 and 7 are specially worth visiting. Cave 3 is supported on 12 pillars decorated with beautiful carvings depicting scenes from the jataka stories. Cave 6 showcase preserved sculptures of women, which are notable for their exotic hairstyles and ornamentation. A large buddha figure and an idol of Ganesh is also located in this cave. Cave 7 is the most remarkable of all the caves with striking figures of women meagerly dressed and richly ornamented including the images of women like Hariti and the six goddesses, including Padmini. It also portrays a huge Bodhisattva praying for deliverance from the 8 dangers i.e fire, the sword of the enemy, chains, shipwreck, lions, snakes, mad elephant and demon (representing death).

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