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Maharashtra has made great studies in the industrial sphere with Bombay city as the centre.
The state accounts for 23% of the gross value of Industrial output in the country. Maharashtra has had a great tradition in textiles and Bombay city was original home of India's textile mills and other centres of weaving has come up like Malegaon and Bhewandi.

Sugar industry has made substantial progress specially in the co-operative sector. Maharashtra is known for the development of sugar industry on co-operative lines in which the formers acquire a share in the sugar mills, Pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, heavy chemicals, electronics, automobiles, engineering, food processing, and plastics are some of  the major industries of the state. Maharashtra is noted for the production of 3 wheels, jeeps, commercial vehicles and cars, synthetic fibers, and cold rolled products and industrial alcohol. Small scale industries have also come up in a big way in the state.

Mumabi District:- Mumbai is called as an industrial city. Industrial development in the state is mainly concentrated in Mumbai. It accounts the largest share in ten no: of factories textile industries are mainly concentrated here. The six important industries in the district are cotton, textiles, chemicals and chemical products, manufacture of machinery and machine tools, electrical machinery, transport equipment and basic metal and alloys industries. In addition to this is important small scale industries located in the district are handloom, power loom, dyeing and printing, blacksmithing, carpentry, pricks and tiles manufacturing, soap making etc. These industries also provide employment to a considerable no: of persons in Mumbai city.