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Kailash Temple

Kailash Temple alias Kailasanatha Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva is located in the Cave 16 of Ellora, about 30kms from Aurangabad. The temple is believed to be built in the 8th Century by King Krishna I (757-775) of the Rashtrakuta dynasty, the rulers of the western Deccan. The temple is one of the world's largest monolithic structure carved from one piece of rock (200,000 tones of rock). Representing Shiva's Himalayan home, the temple is considered as one of the most astonishing buildings in the history of architecture. There are several floors within the main temple structure and the main shrine lies on the upper storey.

Kailash temple is the largest excavation among the 34 monasteries and temples at Ellora. The temple complex consists of various images of deities, animals, rows of life-size stone-cut elephants , mythical creatures from the puranas, varous forms of Shiva along with Parvathi etc. At the entrance, there is a shrine to Nandi (bull), the vehicle of lord Shiva. The complete panels of the temple were carved with the scenes from the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. The temple is also famous for its Ellora festival of music and dance held annual in December.

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