Monday, August 15, 2022

Yearly Horoscope 2015

Virgo ( August 22 - September 22 )

This year 2015 is primarily one long economics lesson. Most of you are blunt and plain spoken and tend to speak without much fore thought. But this is going to change in the coming years. Career, joint-finance, parental and issues relating to your public image will be areas of your life that will need attention. 

Life is definitely worth living as of now. Relationships blossom and grow in a satisfying manner throughout the year. New enterprises, projects will work out and so, too, will relationships-with family, children, parents, in-laws, the larger family circle. Extra time is devoted to handling private matters with friends or close relatives who can help you gain, in every way.

Health could be suspect, so precautions, rest and some lifestyle changes may prove a good idea. Greater stress or strain could affect your physical and emotional well-being. Learn to heal your emotions. Yoga,  aerobic exercises will help you to blow off tension and maintain an upbeat mental outlook. Always remember that  moderation improves your health.

You may not be able to avoid working hard, but you can learn the art of relaxation and carry it into your work. Try to work with a rhythm. For the period of April to July there will be some ambiguity, confusion and emotional ups and downs. When the aspects are one way, family will tend to be supportive and moods will be optimistic. When the aspects are another way, family becomes a burden and moods become pessimistic.  Last quarter of the year is to be avoided for all new projects as well as major changes in life since money matters could be treacherous during this time. Overall it is advisable that new projects are not undertaken and the old projects are given full attention during this period. February is going to be great for your career prospects.  Students could earn scholarships and get success in examinations. A change of job may cause temporary discomfort.

Romance and all relationships offer you new experience, with the possibility of exploring new depths of intimacy with the one you love. If you are single, you will meet someone special. You will be direct and honest in your loving relationships and you will expect the same from your partner. Between March and May, if you feel you have found your soul mate, you might be thinking about setting up home together.  Those who are already living with a partner should find that as life in general becomes easier, you both begin to relax more with each other.

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