Sunday, September 24, 2023
Aquarius ( The water bearer )
January 20 - February 18

Dominating Characteristics

  • They are honest and tolerant.
  • They respect other people's beliefs.
  • They always think ahead. 
  • They keep their word. 
  • They prefer doing things their own way.

Character Analysis

Aquarians symbolised by the water bearer, are generally idealistic, generous and humane. They are good judges of human nature. Though gifted with insight and intuition they do not depend upon this for formulating their  opinions. Once they have formed their opinion they are unalterable. Aquarians are cheerful and  popular among friends. They like to receive affection from others and in turn do every thing in their capability to be faithful. Aquarians are eager to welcome fresh and novel ideas. They refuse to take any thing on trust. They insist on seeing things demonstrated before accepting them. They often have fine talent and incipient genius inherent in them. In financial matters they are usually fortunate but it is a cause of worry for the rich and the poor alike. In the matter of religion they are deep believers but they have great respect for other religions too.

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