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Applying Feng - Shui

Using Feng-shui principles to bring harmony between and the environment in which he is living and working. Arranging the position of furniture and interior decoration in the home and office increases positive energy. According to Feng- Shui, every colour, lights, fabrics, objects has a unique energy.  Use things that made of five important elements according to Feng- Shui to decorate house. 

And use these simple tips given below to decorate your house based on the principles of Feng Shui.

Basic Feng - Shui Tips

Symbols of Wealth and Success

According to Feng - Shui, Chinese coins is one of the most and effective tips which bring prosperity and wealth for all its occupants. It is also a symbolic and help gift to give. 

  • Tie coins from nine emperors reigns together with a red thread and hang them on the wall behind you at work results strong financial luck and support.

  • Keep a set of 3 coins in your purse for wealth luck.

  • To attract wealth to the establishment, hang two coins tied with red thread over shop doors.

  • Stick three coins tied with red thread onto your important files and invoice books to increase your income.

  • An animal sitting or standing on a bed of coins represents abundance and plenty.

The Three - Legged Toad

According to Feng - Shui, three -legged toad is a very powerful symbol which is supposed to be extremely auspicious for enhancing prosperity

  • Place it inside your home on a low table.  Do not place the toad directly in front of the door.

  • Place the toad in one of the corners, diagonally opposite, so that the toad should be looking at the door as though expecting to greet the wealth Chi.

Fish and Aquariums

It is a popular emblem of wealth. In Feng- Shui, moving water brings prosperity and good luck to the home. The exchange of gifts of live fish indicates the significant goodwill of friends and relatives. Keep some the most popular of the good fortune fish like Koi fish, either black or red, carp, gold fish, and arrowana or any brightly coloured or red fish.  

  • Place your water feature in the south east, east or north of your house, or garden. A fountain is generally not recommended for the bedroom, since water the bedroom causes loss and is not recommend.

  • Make sure your water feature is neither too large nor too small.

  • In terms of the number of fish to keep, multiples of nine are a good choice. but in Arowana's case single arowana in the north sector attracts good wealth chi.

  • Do not place live gold fish in water in the south part of your home.

  • All varieties of auspiciously coloured fish are good Feng - Shui.

  • Keep lot of carp in a pond inside the house results children's excel in their examinations.

The Dragon and the Phoenix

These two are the most powerful symbols of success and prosperity. An ultimate symbols of Yang and Yin symbols of Chinese cosmology and mythology. They together in any home always results a fruitful marriage that is blessed with success and prosperity. 

  • Place the dragon image in your living of the home. Ceramic or crystal dragons for the southwest and northeast corners of the room and wooden carved dragons for the east and southeast.

  • Place the phoenix along the south wall or corner of home or living room which brings fame and recognition. If you dont' get the image of phoenix, use feathered birds as substitutes like peacock, or the rooster.

  • A cinnabar-coloured phoenix placed high along the sought wall increases wealth.

Other Symbols

  • The dragon horse and the dragon tortoise are the creatures of good fortune. The dragon tortoise is best placed behind you in the office to give you plenty of support.

  • The laughing budda regarded as one of the gods of wealth is another important Feng - Shui bring prosperity and wealth luck to those engaged in any kind of business. Place the buddha in the living room, on a side or a corner table which is diagonally opposite facing the front door.

  • The pyramid is also good for Health, Wealth, Luck. Keep a small one into your purse, pocket or briefcase etc.

  • In Feng - Shui flowers and plants brings luck and prosperity into your house and office. It can be placed anywhere.

Symbols For love and Romance

If your love life needs a  quick boost Feng - Shui tips surely helps to improve your love life. Love and romance always means the luck of having a happy marriage and a happy family life blessed with bright children. The Southwest is the sector that symbolizes love and romance. Activate these areas in the living room and bedroom for good marriage luck. 

  • According to Feng Shui, a pair of Mandarian ducks are the famous symbols of love. Place this  in South West corner in a Bedroom . Avoid ducks that are carved out of wood.

  • A pair of geese soaring high together signifies the happy togetherness of the married state. Place in the yard, in the south west corner of the garden for long-lasting love.

  • Magpie is a luck bird that symbolises love and marriage so keep a image or painting of magpie in your home.

  • Placing a crystal in the southwest corner, your bedroom will be excellent for activating romance, love, and marriage opportunities. Place it is as near to the bed as possible.

  • A paper lantern is a symbol of fertility, especially when decorated with auspicious characters. Thus to enhance the speedy conception of a child, lamps ere often strategically placed under the bridal bed.