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Aries ( The Ram )
March 21 - April 20

Dominating Characteristics

  • The person is very active, inventive & imaginative
  • He/she loves challenges & oppositions
  • Enjoys over- coming obstacles
  • Always ready to imbibe new concepts
  • Gets along with all kinds of people
  • Fond of speed & likes to get things done quickly
  • Feels annoyed if others do not keep up with him/her

Character Analysis

Aries is a fiery positive sign symbolised by Ram. It is ruled by the planet Mars. They are noted for their energy and initiativeness. They are born leaders and they derive pleasure from overcoming  difficulties which comes their way. They have special aptitude for taking responsibility and command, this makes them stand high above others. They are highly ambitious & they are capable of rising to the top. They become impatient if others do not keep up the same pace they are moving. The main defect of Aries is the rashness with which they act and the excessive self confidence they possess. This can even lead to their ruin. They do not learn from their past mistakes. They are splendid organisors and have the ability to foresee things. They do not follow any fixed  schemes and plans. They like to follow their own intuitions. They are very popular with friends. They may go out of the way to save a friend from trouble. They are always ready to forgive a wrong done to them. But they may not forgive a wrong done to their friends. They like to fight straight. They do not use any tricks.

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