Thursday, September 28, 2023

Five Elements in Feng - Shui

Feng - Shui is an application of creating balance between environment and man so as to absorb maximum benefits of the five elements - wood, fire, water, metal and earth. According the wu xing theory, everything in the universe can be categorized as belong to one of the five elements. These elements have unique characteristics, colours and shapes and also have both a producing and destroying cycle.

These elements also determine everyone's personality and success in life. Also Feng - Shui applications can be done on the basis of proper placement of these five elements.

Productive Cycle

In the productive Cycles of the Element, 
Wood produces Fire (wood makes fire )
Fire produces earth (fire burns the wood into ashes to form earth)
Earth feeds metal (earth is the source of metal)
Metal feeds water (metal can be melted into liquid water )
Water produces Wood (plants and trees)
This process is continuous same as other cycles in nature. Known as Sheng cycle, they all benefit each other and flow in harmony with each other.

Destructive Cycle

In the Destructive Cycles of the Element, 
Metal destroys Wood
Wood destroys earth
Earth absorbs water
Water destroys fire
Fire melts metal.

Exhaustive Cycle

In the Exhaustive Cycles of the Element, 
Water exhausts Metal
Metal exhausts Earth
Earth exhausts Fire
Fire exhausts Wood
Wood exhausts Water

Controlling cycle

In the Controlling Cycles of the Element, 
Wood controls metal
Metal controls fire
Fire controls water
Water controls earth
Earth controls wood.